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by Les Mills Asia Pacific


WHAT YOUR MEMBERS WANT: Opportunities to connect in-person with others

SOLUTION 1: Live classes

The 2021 Les Mills Global Fitness Report confirmed a “live revival” is headed our way, with members craving live and social fitness activities to bring connection back into their lives after extended periods of isolation and lockdowns.

The Les Mills Groupness Study found that gym attendees experience increased levels of individual enjoyment, exertion and satisfaction as a result of group exercise. It also found the powerful role ‘the group effect’ plays in positively influencing someone’s overall workout experience – and their intention to return.

“What our findings show is that we really are social animals when it comes to working out,” says Les Mills Head of Research Bryce Hastings. “When you maximise the group effect, this leads to a high level of what we’ve termed ‘groupness’. And the higher the level of groupness, the more we see increases in a person’s enjoyment, satisfaction and exertion.” The ‘groupness’ factor was also cited as an influence on member retention, chiming with previous research which has found group exercisers are 26 per cent less likely to cancel memberships than gym-only members.

Considering all of this, it’s not surprising that 67 per cent of gym members prefer to work out with others in small or large groups, which also explains why attendance to group fitness classes reached 119 per cent of pre-COVID levels, quite quickly in some post-pandemic markets (i.e., where facilities re-opened and no longer had COVID-related capacity restrictions).

In practical terms, this means that live group fitness classes have never been more important for your business, than they are right now.


WHAT YOUR MEMBERS WANT: To never have their favourite classes cancelled

SOLUTION 2: Virtual classes

LES MILLS® Virtual enables members to participate in on-demand workouts at the club, by following a class that is projected onto a giant screen, typically in a darkened room, and with a pumping sound system.

LES MILLS Virtual ensures you never have to cancel another class due to Instructor absences. Karen Rawlings, owner of Health & Fitness World in Launceston (Tasmania, Australia), says: “We’ve had less Instructor injuries and down-time this year, compared to any winter I can remember! Having LES MILLS Virtual means any physical niggles can be rested or unexpected absences can be covered without putting extra strain on the other Instructors, and there’s no pressure on the admin staff to ring around to try to find an available cover.” 

And the benefits don’t stop there. Over 70 per cent of Virtual users say they’re drawn to the flexibility of working out when it suits them. Of course, this flexibility is a great solution to reducing downtime where studios are otherwise unused. Also, running classes on-demand or off-peak opens up group exercise to entirely new markets like shift-workers and parents. Post-COVID-19, Virtual can also give you a way to control your scheduling in terms of frequency and capacity, as well as being able to expand your program variety.

What LES MILLS Virtual is NOT designed to do, is be a substitute for live classes. In fact, our research shows that Virtual can actually increase attendance in your live classes with 4 out of 10 members indicating Virtual classes offered by their gym influenced their decision to join it.

Note: Australian-based clubs should enquire about financing options for LES MILLS Virtual installations.


WHAT YOUR MEMBERS WANT: A premium GX experience that delivers fast results

SOLUTION 3: Premium group fitness equipment

Your fitness equipment plays a critical role because its quality directly impacts the group fitness experience. In fact, research has shown that great equipment is considered one of the top two reasons as to why people attend their fitness facility.

So, if member experiences are the secret to growing your business, then it makes sense that when you enhance the member experience, you will increase retention and class participation levels. This is why Les Mills scientifically engineered SMART TECH equipment.

SMART TECH equipment offers an ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing design and is durability-tested to withstand extremely high-volume usage. SMART TECH’s award-winning design also ensures your members enjoy speedy and seamless transitions during classes like BODYPUMP®, where weight plates on the barbells need to be changed during the class. Ultimately, faster and smoother transitions create more enjoyable experiences, while also helping members achieve their health and fitness goals more quickly.



WHAT YOUR MEMBERS WANT: The flexibility to participate in the programs they want, at a time and place that best suits them

SOLUTION 4: Omni-channel fitness

The 2021 Global Fitness Report found that 62 per cent of gym members do more than half their workouts at the gym; that 80 per cent plan to continue using digital workouts post-pandemic; and that 59 per cent favour a 60:40 split between gym and at-home workouts. LES MILLS+, LES MILLS Content and Live-Streaming are all workout options that you can offer members, to meet this particular need and, subsequently, future-proof your business.

  • Live-Streaming: As the name suggests, enables you to broadcast your regular Les Mills workouts to your members using a closed platform like Zoom or a member-only app. Live-streaming means your Instructors can stream their regular Les Mills classes from the club, and members can participate from home. It’s the ideal way to establish and maintain a strong connection with members during those times when they can’t (e.g., during lockdowns) or prefer not to attend in-person.
  • LES MILLS Content: LES MILLS Content can help prevent your members from seeking at-home workout options beyond your brand. LES MILLS Content gives your members access to 100+ Les Mills workouts, which are hosted on your club’s own websites or app and refreshed every Quarter. This means your members can enjoy the classes they love doing in the club, at home. And with the Recorded Live-Stream option, they can even access a video library of their favourite Instructors delivering their favourite classes. All of this helps to ensure these members remain in your brand’s own native ecosystem which, in turn, reduces the likelihood of them turning to competitors for at-home workout options.
  • LES MILLS+: In response to COVID-19, populations all over the world have discovered the benefits of at-home workouts. Today, Clubs need an online offering to support those members who are still hesitant or unable to physically return to your club. Voted Best At-Home Workout App by USA Today in 2020, LES MILLS+ gives your members access to 1,500+ classes and training programs, providing you with a turnkey solution to engage those members and keep them connected to your club, even while they’re offsite. AND when you become a LES MILLS+ Affiliate (it’s free to do so), you can offer your members a discounted price and also revenue-share based on member sign-ups.


Les Mills Asia Pacific offers the Ultimate Group Fitness Solution which helps you give your members exactly what they want which, in turn, positions your fitness business to successfully withstand future impacts of the pandemic, or any other challenges that come your way. To find out more about the Ultimate Group Fitness Solution or any of those specifically mentioned above, contact your local Business Partnership Manager in Australia or Southeast Asia.