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Father's Day Feature: Fit Fatherhood


This year, Father’s Day is no longer just another day for Jayson Koh. The cries of the baby in the middle of the night, craving for milk has brought a sweet smile to him. 

A father to Elisabeth KohRui who was born in January 2018, is now more than happy to wake up in the middle of the night and attend to his daughter despite how much he craves for his sleep.

A Les Mills BODY COMBAT and GRIT Instructor who is based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, is now always looking forward to going home after work. The tiredness and stress from work disappears the minute he steps into the house and sees his baby girl.

“My wife and I planned to have children in the past few years and we are more than grateful that this year is a momentous one. For Father’s Day this year, all I want is to have a simple dinner with my family and this would be the best gift ever,” said Koh.

Being a loving father, he showers his daughter and feeds her whenever he can. One thing that he never forgets is to clean the milk bottles before he goes to sleep every day.

“Children are the precious gift that God has given to us, I urge all fathers out there to spare some quality time with your family especially on this Father’s Day,” concluded Koh.