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FightFit Fitness: Boosting Engagement & Revenue with LES MILLS On Demand


More recently its started to offer LES MILLS™ On Demand (LMOD) to great success. By integrating LES MILLS™ On Demand within its offering, FightFit has seen a dramatic increase in its member engagement and retention by allowing members to access classes and stay in tune with programmes whether they’re at the centre, at home, or on the road. It has also provided FightFit with a further earning opportunity through the affiliate programmeincreasing the centre’s revenue.



Having established itself as the go-to, community-based fitness provider in the area, FightFit was searching for a way to further engage its members, while also increasing revenue. Peter Smith, Director of FightFit, says that he came to the conclusion that the company’s strategy needed a re-think to maximize the opportunity of the home fitness trendwhich, if embraced and incorporated correctly, has the power to keep exercisers engaged outside of a fitness centre, which in turn drives them back for group classes and other services; a complementary relationship.

“With our sights set on developing a new member proposition and generating more revenue, I decided that becoming a LES MILLS™ On Demand affiliate was the right approach to take. Realizing that 82% of gym members train at home and 63% of those use digital platforms, the smart move to keep our market share, maintain engagement and attract new members was to integrate a home workout solution into our offering. LES MILLS™ On Demand allows all users of the centre access to classes outside of those offered on the timetable at a reasonable extra cost so that they were still accessing great quality, results-driving workouts but could be flexible to suit their lifestyle.”

Boosting retention was one of FightFit’s main goals, and it was searching for a way to do this that was both effective and offered a good return on its investment. Globally, many members drop out at six months, as their attendance is too low to see results, so the challenge for FightFit was to find a home option that would make it easier for its members to work out 3-5 times a week to stay committed to their exercise routines.

I knew we needed to invest in a high-quality, innovative, digital fitness product to take our member experience to the next level; one that could help engage inactive leads, improve retention and attract new members, so I began looking at the options. After evaluating what was out there, LES MILLS™ On Demand became the clear winner due it’s superior quality and extensiveness, giving us the ability to successfully expand our offering and form a bridge between in-centre and home workouts, while also creating a valuable revenue stream through the affiliate programme.”



Since partnering with LESMILLS as an affiliate, FightFithas been able to provide its members with a discounted rate when signing up to LES MILLS™ On Demand giving them access to a wide range of high-quality group fitness programmes with a solid foundation in science, as well as the freedom to work out whenever they want. Not only has this helped to differentiateFightFitwithin its market, the centre also receives a revenue share on all member subscriptions, adding to its overall profitability.

“Since implementing LES MILLS™ On Demand, I’ve seen a steep increase in member engagement, because it’s allowed class members to continue to enjoy LES MILLS programme even when they’re not able to attend classes. We’ve also found that once a member has tried a class at home on their own and enjoyed it, they’re often far more willing and excited to join a live class at the community centre. Members love BodyCombat, the LES MILLS™ On Demand access to programmes like BodyBalanceand Barre.”

With 24% of adults being lapsed fitness members, the online workout offer also gives FightFit a powerful reason to reconnect with inactive and unconverted leads, and because LES MILLS™ On Demand is a platform that can be used to promote live workouts, it’s also a powerful acquisition channel, which is driving new members to experience more classes at the community centre. The marketing tools provided to FightFight (part of the affiliate package) to help drive subscriptions have also proved invaluable, particularly the poster images for in centre use and the social media tiles and videos.