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Last month we met one half of the Les Mills Asia Pacific (LMAP) Head Trainer team, Jako Misic, this month we come full circle with Dee McNeill.

“My job is to support, direct, coach, expect, counsel, understand, believe and create Trainers with superior skills to enable them to facilitate instructor greatness”.

With 2-decades as a Les Mills Trainer under her belt, Dee is trained in 7-programs and actively teaching BODYCOMBAT, BODYBALANCE and CXWORX. “I tried a class [for the first time] because my best friend was going to the gym, so I went and did a circuit class!”

It’s hard to believe that Dee is an introvert “if I don’t have alone time I run out of steam”, but when she is full steam-ahead she is one of LMAPs most experienced and inspired Trainers. When asked if any individual memories stuck from the many Training Modules she has facilitated she says “my favorite modules are where nothing goes according to plan but the passion and commitment of the people in the room create an amazing result at the end of training…it’s the energy that stays with you from each training that you complete”.

Her take on achieving instructor greatness, being the best version of you, is one of initiative and hard work: “don’t wait for someone to point the way, look for ways to lift your understanding, skills and knowledge [of your program]”. She goes on to say “get comfortable with being uncomfortable” and to have the courage to stand out and blaze the trail for others to follow.

“Greatness is within us all, we have to have the courage to walk towards it”.