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by Les Mills Asia Pacific


“Our participant demographic is mostly females aged 25 to 45 years of age who are based in the city; although some members are also located throughout other areas of Indonesia,” says Aldis Ruslialdi, Head of Product Development at Mufit. “During the pandemic, because most gyms were closed and there were capacity restrictions, Mufit saw an increase in participant numbers.”

“For the past few years, our online classes (one of which is BODYCOMBAT®) have been successfully live-streamed five to six times a week, via Zoom.”

“We even have some Indonesian people who have moved away from Jakarta, to a country that doesn't have any access to BODYCOMBAT. When they found out what we offered and tried our sessions, they were so grateful and happy to be able to enjoy BODYCOMBAT, even if it is virtual. We also have some clients who prefer to exercise from home or who aren't able to go to the gym because of a health condition such as cancer, autoimmune disease or diabetes. They tend to become regular clients, since our Instructors are teaching live and so are still able to watch over them as they participate.” 

The pandemic created a unique opportunity for Mufit to expand the business and reach more people. “Of course, we had to do things differently,” explains Aldis. “This included partnering with Instructors, so they could deliver BODYCOMBAT classes for us. The benefit for them was that they had a regular class and income during the pandemic.”

Mufit then sold class tickets through the platform, while also offering a membership program for select loyal customers. The feedback from members is consistently positive, with comments received including sentiments such as, ‘thank you so much for bringing BODYCOMBAT back into my life’, ‘The session was crazy good’, ‘I feel so empowered’, and ‘Your session and coaches are awesome!’

“We consider each Instructor a representative of Mufit; a walking testimonial, which helps with brand awareness and building people’s trust in Mufit Indonesia. Our team is great.”

Aldis says the keys to surviving the pandemic were good scheduling, good quality relationships between trainers/coaches and participants, and offering quality services. “Our business survived the pandemic; and even though it seems over now, we still see huge potential in this product, and so are working out how we can continue with the success we’ve achieved so far. What we now want to focus on, is continuing to keep those participant numbers consistently high.”

“Typically, we promote our Les Mills programs to participants through social media networks, website, Mufit applications, and also during other live-stream sessions. Our members always want more classes and love the quality that comes with a Mufit/Les Mills collaboration. We look forward to strengthening our offering by working more closely with Les Mills Asia Pacific in the future.”