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by Les Mills Asia Pacific


What does this mean for our Club Partners and Instructors?

In short, it means, you could well experience an influx of newcomers to your Les Mills classes because guess what? Research has confirmed that LES MILLS On Demand drives participation to live classes – in fact, in a survey of 9,000 LES MILLS On Demand users, 63 per cent of non-gym members said they’d be interested in trying live Les Mills classes in a club – YESSSS!


How does this happen?

Well, there are multiple reasons for why this occurs. Firstly, we can liken on-demand classes to Spotify and how you enjoy your favourite music. Sure, it’s awesome to listen to your favourite artist via their album or downloads, but there’s nothing quite like seeing them in-person and having that live experience. LES MILLS classes are the same – they’re terrific in the comfort of one’s own home, but they’re next-level sensational when experienced live at a club, with world-class Instructors, and enjoyed in the company of others!

What also drives people to your classes after using at-home workouts, is the familiarity and confidence they gain from participation. For example, when someone uses LES MILLS On Demand in the privacy of their own home, they build up a level of familiarity and comfort with the different programs. Often this also includes workouts that they ordinarily wouldn’t try in-person at a club. And when they find a new workout that they enjoy and gain confidence in, the natural evolution is to then seek out opportunities to participate in-person.

The concept of at-home workouts can feel counterintuitive for Club Partners and Instructors – because it’s logical that at-home workouts could take people away from in-person classes; however, the opposite has been seen: the more people who participate in on-demand classes, the bigger your classes can become.

Clubs can learn more about LES MILLS On Demand and how it can be used to boost revenue and keep members engaged – particularly during COVID times – by connecting with their local Business Partnership Manager in Australia or Southeast Asia.

Les Mills Instructors can enjoy LES MILLS On Demand for less, with their exclusive Instructor discount, available here.