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Benefits of being a GFI (that aren’t in the brochure)

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Become an Instructor! Do what you love! Help others fall in love with fitness! Get paid to exercise! We know the usual benefits of becoming an Instructor, but what about the benefits of becoming an Instructor that AREN'T in the brochure? Can you relate? 

Cheap therapy

Nothing distracts from your woes like putting your focus on others – even if it’s just for one hour.  

Improve cognitive ability

I have no idea where I parked my car 20-minutes ago, but I do remember that the second set of squats has a ¼ count pause before the super-slows, but in the third set it’s a full count pause.

Hone decision making skills – fast

In the next 7-seconds triage and solve the following:

  1. Person up at the stage scolding you that the music is too loud (in the middle of a track)
  2. Person who has walked in during the squat track and started with the heaviest of weight
  3. Flat battery in mic pack

Learn to multi-task like a BOSS


Introduce you to music you NEVER would have been exposed to

There is nothing like learning to love a new song than being forced to listen to it repeatedly. Thanks to Les Mills exposure therapy my music library is a lovely eclectic mix of genres and sounds.