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Coming 2018, we are excited to introduce a 3-day Initial Module Training (IMT), a move from the current 2-day module. Day 3 is 8-weeks later and is your Certification day.

Do not fret! With this new initiative, you will experience a more structured and supported journey in delivering great classes.

Your IMT journey


You can register for IMT here:

Pre-Module Preparation

Prior to the Initial Module Training, you will receive a link to download the information you need for preparation. Our Instructor Specialist Team will be in touch to assist.

Day 1 & Day 2

Welcome to Initial Module Training! You will meet your Les Mills Trainer and learn what it takes to become a great Les Mills Instructor. After completion of Day 2, you are eligible to team-teach and prepare for your final step.

The next 8-weeks

You have completed Day 1 & Day 2 as a Les Mills Trainee. You will be given a Road Map (that consists of weekly tasks and activities) to follow in order to prepare for Day 3. Our Instructor Specialist Team will provide step-by-step guidance through this 8-week journey.

Day 3 - Certification Day

You will present your allocated tracks on 3-occasions and receive immediate feedback from your Trainer. Today is the day you could walk away as a Certified Les Mills Instructor!

Register today as January training cut-off dates are soon.