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Looking for an alternative cycle experience? Les Mills THE TRIP is an ultra-immersive cycling class that takes gym-goers on a high-intensity journey through digitally-created worlds.

THE TRIP from Les Mills is an entirely new cycling experience that uses digital projection on cinema size screens to create new worlds. The immersive class creates the sensation of ascending steep glaciers, sprinting around digital velodromes, cruising into a peaceful sunset, and even diving underwater.

The state-of-the-art spin session has already proved to be a smash hit at Virgin Active in Singapore and Thailand.

Virgin Active was the first to launch Les Mills' latest immersive workout innovation, THE TRIP, in Singapore on 1 November 2017 and subsequently in Thailand on the 23rd. Since its launch, THE TRIP is consistently among their top 3 group exercise classes in terms of attendance, consistently registering close to 100% capacity. Rue She, Head of Programming, South East Asia says that the club has been highly regarded for its role in changing the fitness industry and the way people in Singapore exercise since its first club in 2013.

While the pedal-powered journey might be virtual reality, the benefits are very much realShe says that the inclusion of Les Mills’ THE TRIP adds to the diversity of Virgin Active’s lauded and hugely popular group exercise programme. It also provides its members with a new workout option that taps into the current global spinning craze. It is the workout’s ability to engage members and make exercise fun with its imaginative use of audiovisual cues and stimuli to create hyper-realistic worlds which participants are fully immersed in. This is what keeps Virgin Active members in both Singapore and Thailand coming back to do THE TRIP.

And it’s not just the members who love THE TRIP, Rue and her team are also fans. “THE TRIP complements our current and extensive list of cycle offerings which include Les Mills Sprint and RPM,” Rue says. “THE TRIP has opened a whole new demographic, targeting those who do not enjoy pedaling on a stationary bike while facing a brick wall or staring at their reflection in the mirror.”

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Bryce Hastings, Les Mills’ Head of Research says: “Immersive classes present the perfect combination of engaging distractions, helping exercisers to reach vigorous intensities without high perceived effort.”

“The convergence of technology, exercise science and creativity creates a workout experience like no other,” he adds. 

“In a 40-minute multi-peak cycling workout you become lost in journey through digitally-created worlds – it takes your motivation and energy output to the next level and you’ll burn serious calories.”

To find out more about getting Les Mills THE TRIP in your facility, please contact your Business Partnership Manager for your region.


*Photo credit : Virgin Active Singapore