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It’s a lot of pressure isn’t it? The pressure of creating a release worthy of a milestone.

There was no way BODYATTACK 100 would sneak under the radar – the (round) stage was set for filming in Amsterdam and you better believe people travelled a long way (36 hours – but that’s not for now) to be part of the event much to the confusion of the young gentleman working at the café at the venue “so you came all this way to do a fitness class?”

Well. Yes.

The lineup outside the historic Amsterdam Gashouder started long before the scheduled time to get the prized front row positions with the colossal venue filling up quickly from the BODYATTACK tragics to the simply curious.

Lisa Osborne, Program Director of BODYATTACK since 2002 has choreographed 60 releases, and release 100, hand-on-heart lived up to expectations. Lisa perfected the balance of staying true to the modern direction of BODYATTACK with a nod to BODYATTACK past.

What I wish for those that will experience BODYATTACK 100 in Q1 2018 is to avoid spoilers (if you haven’t already!). There is nothing quite like the delight of recognising a track, of being surprised by the moves, and as instructors the rare opportunity of really experiencing a release for the very first time.

The presenter team was almost as extensive as the number of releases, with 50-plus presenters from around the world sharing the spotlight. Asia Pacific was represented by Steve Cluff (NSW) and Brayden Kelly (WA), who says “the standout for the filming evening was the unreal atmosphere in the Westergasfabriek building. It was simply out of this world and I think for me witnessing and feeling that passion and energy with thousands of people is something I’ll remember forever”.

BODYATTACK instructors you will be thrilled, members new and old will be inspired and everyone else (like the guy in the café) – well, your loss.