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5 things that happen at workshops

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These things WILL happen: 

1. Write off left and right

How ingrained in your psyche is cuing “left foot” and moving your right? Second nature. So once every three months at workshops you are on the floor and left foot actually means left foot? That just messes with your head and ends up in collisions.

2. The anxiety of not knowing

We hold the power of knowing how many sets, how many reps, how many tuck jumps how many [insert horrible move here] are to come can sand-bag the track to save ourselves for the end…because we know things. Workshop time? We know jack all. How many sets? Could be 2. Could be 5. The unknown is frightening.

3. Talking to people for longer than 6-seconds

How nice is it to catch up with your cross-over buddy for longer than a class change over and saying something else other than “is-the-battery-fresh-have-a-good-class”. You find you actually work alongside some pretty lovely people when you talk to them for at least 12-seconds

4. Not thinking

How fun is not thinking? How fun is it letting someone else take charge for once and getting lost in a new workout just like your members will in a fortnight? Then it dawns on you, you actually have to talk during the workout and suddenly it doesn’t seem so fun. But you should enjoy the moment while you have it.

5. The realization you are not alone

Those dark-cold 5:30am starts, sure feel alone. But 4-times a year it’s nice to congregate with your fellow early starters and know on those mornings if you all look at the moon, there are hundreds of other (half-closed) eyes out there about to tackle what not many other people are willing or able to do.