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5 things that no one understands…but we do

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There are some things that mere mortals just don’t understand:

  • That out of 4-blocks of chorey only 2-of them are the same, in the third block there is one extra move and a quarter count pause and in the fourth round you need a dodo egg, to burn incense, and face due-west.
  • That at new release time you have heard no other music other than the same 10-songs morning, noon, night and in your dreams.
  • That the 55-minute class you just taught actually took 60-minutes travel time and 120-minutes preparation during the week (and 1-million and 20-minutes when it’s new release time).
  • That on Monday morning at 6am when literally no-one on the planet wants to be awake, you have to be…and be happy about it. And make other people be happy about it. And remember things. And remember things in front of lots of people. And still be happy about it.
  • That you voluntarily exercise facing people.

We appreciate you. We understand you. And the members in your class appreciate you (though you might never know it!)