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by Emma Hogan



Many believe this forced isolation is the perfect opportunity to pause, reflect and enjoy a slower pace of life. Of course you don’t want to ditch the physical activity altogether, you need at least some light exercise to keep your mental health in check.

Gigi Varela West is an instructor who's using this downtime to "get to know her bed a bit better” and she’s not alone. “I have been so burned out that I’ve been ready to quit the gym altogether,” said Susan Fisher, “I’m now taking this time to do something that I haven’t done in 7.5 years: rest. I am hoping that when we come out of this I will be recharged and ready to get back to it.”

Amanda Breen is the Director of People and Culture at Les Mills Asia Pacific. She’s also been an Instructor and Presenter since 2004 and 2005 respectively. Amanda says, “I've been aware for a few years now that I needed change my unsustainably crazy schedule and create space for rest. I've really struggled to find a way to get the downtime I need whilst still honouring all my commitments. This time has gifted me with the opportunity to do the things that I haven't given myself permission to do for a long time - I'm slowing right down and recharging my mind and body through rest.”​



If you’ve got few commitments and nowhere to go it can be a slippery slope to Slothville, so it’s a good idea to stick to some sort of routine. This means getting up at the same time each day and making physical activity a regular occurrence.

Instructor Carie Steinkamp has her classes on hold and is doing her day job from home, but she’s still sticking to her normal schedule. “I start work at the same time, take lunch at the same time and stop at the same time. Tonight I jumped around my kitchen doing a BODYCOMBAT class at the normal time I would be teaching. I think no matter where you're at, if you keep your general routine the same it helps bring a sense of normalcy.”

Michelle Reynolds plans to do her usual BODYPUMP three times a week, alternate her upper and lower body training and try some new options too. “I did BODYPUMP at the park behind my house and then did my upper body workout with bodyweight and the plates I had. Tomorrow I might try BODYFLOW.” “Katy Carver Rees adds, “I’m exercising every morning at home and setting a daily schedule with my family. This way there is some routine in our lives.”



If you’ve been thinking about jumping on the at-home exercise bandwagon now’s a great time to set up your own home gym or simply clear a space in the lounge. It’s easy to set yourself up for at-home exercise success.

Andrea Eid is a BODYCOMBAT™ and BODYPUMP™ instructor who’s always I wanted to try different programs from those she teaches but she never has time. Since being in isolation she’s logged on to LES MILLS™On Demand and given LES MILLS BARRE™ and LES MILLS GRIT™ Cardio a go.

Monica Martini has started using LES MILLS On Demand to perfect her technique and get better at her regular live classes. “I use the LES MILLS On Demand workout to focus on my form since I rarely get to see how I am doing”.

“LES MILLS On Demand is a true sanity saver!” says instructor and mother Lissa Doyle Bing. Lissa has been mixing up the at-home workouts (there are kids sessions too!) with regular nature walks with the kids.

Talk to your club about how to access LES MILLS On Demand.



With isolation the new norm, not only is social media playing an important part in keeping us informed and connected, but it is also proving to be a great way to fuel fitness.

Since being in lockdown, Kristin Hart has joined a couple of Facebook groups that are doing challenges every day. “A good example is the 300 reps per day challenge (you pick your poison: squats, lunges, push-ups, crunches, mix it up, high and low impact).”

Brenna Comee has been making the most of her gym’s Facebook groups. “We’ve been posting live videos to help members stay motivated, giving them creative ideas on how to move their bodies and get sweaty, and technique and form information.” Amy VanDer Kamp started a Facebook 'workout support group', “I did it to stay accountable for exercise! So we can stay sane, keep our spirits up and keep our health up!”

Some clubs have the capability to live-stream workouts to their members via their social media channels. Contact your club to find if this is something they’re doing.


Les Mills Asia Pacific is committed to supporting Clubs, Instructors and members through this extremely difficult time. You can access free Les Mills workouts without having to download an app at - or to access 100+ at-home Les Mills workouts including BODYCOMBAT®, please check with your club for access.