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3 ways to show your instructor lurrrrrrrve

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Showing your instructor some love in the lead up to Valentine’s Day isn’t difficult. Here are 3 small gestures that will look after your instructor’s fragile heart next time you are participating in a class:


Sometimes your dear instructor will ask a question of the entire class, nothing personal or weird; just your run-of-the-mill: “How are you doing today?” or “can you feel your [insert burning major muscle group here]”. Realistically your instructor isn’t expecting an individual response from every single person in the class, they are simply after acknowledgment of the question – it doesn’t even have to be a word. A simple grunt will do.

SHOW LOVE BY: acknowledge instructor questions with verbals or non-verbals.


To be fair – once you are in the “group fitness” setting, you have essentially signed a contract saying: I will do my utmost to follow the instructions so presided upon me in said setting lest I just go do my own thing on the gym floor. So if your instructor says, for example: please don’t pack away equipment now – you are kinda, sorta, definitely need to follow that instruction as rarely does an instructor say words for the sake of words (as they are trying to conserve energy in order to continuously exercise and provide instruction for up to 55-minutes).

SHOW LOVE BY: simply following instructions


We understand that your facial expression is the least of your concerns in the middle of 32 lunges. However, during [appropriate] times throughout the class – do make an effort to smile at your instructor (preferably during attempt at a joke). You would be most surprised at how much this simple effort can energise your instructor which in turn is instantly re-invested in to the workout. Win-win really.

SHOW LOVE BY: making a conscious effort to smile a couple of times points during the course of the class – but not during GRIT – that’s just disconcerting.

Happy Valentine’s Day all.