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by Les Mills Asia Pacific


The Les Mills Groupness Study found members’ experiences increased levels of individual enjoyment, exertion and satisfaction from fitness classes – dubbed ‘the group effect’. As a result, group fitness participants are among the most valuable type of member clubs can have. By staying longer and pulling in more new members, group fitness members form the bedrock of a successful club – driving both retention and acquisition.

Following are three dangers that your club may be at risk of, and the solutions to help ensure you dominate, this year (or beyond).

DANGER 1. Your classes are not available in the way your members want them to be

Did you know, 65 per cent of gym prospects say offering quality live or virtual classes would encourage them to join a facility? Among members, 85 per cent are interested in trying a live group fitness class in their facility, while 80 per cent aim to use both digital workouts (40 per cent of the time) to complement their live classes in the gym (60 per cent of the time). These insights from the Global Fitness Report, confirm that member needs are no longer the same as they were pre-pandemic. It makes sense therefore, that the way you do things and what you offer also needs to change in order for your fitness business to succeed in this new landscape.

Solution: Offering omni-channel fitness – workout options that your members can access at-home or while outside the club – is the key to retention. The secret to true success, however, lies in ensuring the at-home options you offer will keep members in your own brand ecosystem; you don’t want them having to go searching externally to have their needs met.

LES MILLS® Virtual, LES MILLS® Content and the LES MILLS+ Affiliate program are three ways you can not only retain your members’ connection with your brand, but also strengthen it.


DANGER 2. You’re not retaining or attracting Rockstar Instructors

When it comes to winning new members, 30 per cent of club prospects say “a good atmosphere” is a key factor in choosing a gym to join, while 59 per cent say staff are also a consideration. Two-thirds of prospects say offering quality classes would encourage them to join a facility.

Live fitness classes are the single most popular gym-type activity and for members, the quality of the Instructor is the single most important factor when choosing a group fitness class; 40 per cent of class participants look for an Instructor who coaches intelligently. Additionally, the presence of a great Instructor makes members 2.5 times more likely to refer their friends to the club.

Solution: The implication here is that the quality of your team will have a direct impact on member attraction and retention, as well as class attendance and attrition. So, what are you actively doing to recruit and retain the cream of the Instructor crop? Gone are the days when you can do a callout for a vacant class and be inundated with responses. Today, you have to ensure your business is firmly positioned in your local community as a preferred place to work. To achieve this, you need to promote to Instructors very clearly and consistently, the unique benefits of being part of your team.

Make a list of all the benefits your Instructors receive when they join your team – how powerful and compelling does it read? What other innovative initiatives could you add? Examples could include:

  • Full or part-subsidising attendance at Quarterly Workshops or eWorkshops
  • Full or part-subsidising Initial Module Training for new Instructors
  • Full or part-subsidising Advanced Training for existing Instructors
  • Full or part-subsidising Initial Module Training for additional programs, for existing Instructors
  • Full or part-subsidising their fitness registration fees with Fitness Australia or FITREC
  • Hosting Instructors in the club who are registered to attend Quarterly eWorkshops, together so they can team-build, use the club’s equipment, and enjoy the upskilling together
  • Providing Instructors with the opportunity to expand their skillset with LES MILLS Live-Streaming
  • Installing LES MILLS® Virtual, which will expand your class offering to your members; you’ll never have to cancel another class – ever; and it takes pressure off Instructors to find fill-ins or teach while injured.



DANGER 3. Your equipment is letting you down

Your fitness equipment plays a critical role because its quality directly impacts your members’ group fitness experience.

Research has shown that great equipment is considered one of the top two reasons as to why people attend their fitness facility, with 33 per cent saying equipment is a key factor for choosing a gym and 22 per cent saying the quality of equipment is a key factor for choosing a class. This confirms that equipment is not a sunken cost but rather, an opportunity to grow your business by enhancing the member experience.

Solution: LES MILLS SMART TECH is the world’s leading group fitness equipment, and has been shown to increase member engagement and satisfaction. Health & Fitness Manager Sharon Campbell, said “After introducing SMART TECH we noticed some members moving venues to use the new equipment.”

So, what are your members saying about your current equipment?

In conclusion…

To be successful in 2022, clubs have to do things differently to how they used to be done. As Phillip Mills said in the Les Mills 2021 Global Fitness Report, “across every industry, COVID-19 has forced businesses to re-think their go-to-market strategy. For fitness providers, this has meant ripping up the rulebook and using the pandemic as the catalyst for a completely new approach to meeting people’s fitness needs.”  This is why Les Mills Asia Pacific provides the Ultimate Group Fitness Solution - to ensure fitness businesses can cater to every new need that your members have. To find out more contact your local Business Partnership Manager in Australia or Southeast Asia.