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by Ryan Hogan


For the past nine months, the question “what can we do to support our Clubs and Instructors?” has remained the guiding light for our decision making.

I’m proud to be able to say that the solutions we’ve offered have been many and varied, and relevant to the ever-changing needs within the marketplaces across our region. Our key achievements in 2020 have included:

  • Clubs are now able to offer at-home digital workout solutions and keep their Instructors employed and engaged, after negotiations around music licensing resulted in our temporary live-streaming solutions becoming permanent live-streaming options.
  • Hundreds of thousands of people were able to keep moving from the confines of their own home during lockdowns, through the provision of free access to LES MILLS On Demand. During this time we increased our market penetration by 100%, with LES MILLS On Demand launching in Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. This was in addition to our existing markets in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore.
  • Club Partners are generating additional income while keeping their members engaged and physically active, through the LES MILLS On Demand Affiliate program.
  • Our Club Partners alleviated some of their financial stress after we worked with them on flexible financing.
  • Clubs received expanded flexibility around launches, after being able to reuse Q2 Releases in Quarter 3.
  • More people from all over the Asia Pacific Region gained access to important training opportunities without having to travel or attend in person, after we transformed some of our key programs and events such as Quarterly Workshops, Initial Module Training and Group Fitness Management (coming soon) to an online delivery format.
  • Instructors tapped into support webinars and Clubs enjoyed an expanded webinar schedule, which included topics specific to aiding their recovery from the impacts of the pandemic.
  • Our Club Partners now have access to an extensive suite of digital solutions.
  • Instructors experiencing lockdown participated in live-streamed workouts.
  • Trainees who were waiting to complete Day 3 received online mentoring.
  • We repackaged our Digital Music Kits so that all Kits from Q4.2020 automatically contain access to both originals and cover/PPCA-free music files for no additional cost.


Of course, all the while in the background, the Les Mills Asia Pacific team were also working to develop our own recovery plan with key goals focusing on retention and growth. To-date, our recovery journey has included themes such as:


Stay Strong:

During this period, we responded to the situation as nimbly as we could; quickly moving to focus on supporting and retaining our Clubs and Instructors.

Powering Forward:

During this time, we navigated the continuous opening and closing of markets by focusing on retaining and growing.


This phase enabled to continue to focus on retaining and growing, which we achieved by delivering ongoing business support and enhanced Instructor training and education opportunities.


Another key element that continues to drive our decision-making is inviting feedback from our Club Partners and Instructors. We remain committed to taking on board your suggestions and comments, and continuing to respond accordingly.

We’re excited to end this year with the encouraging statistics from ClubIntel that suggested almost 90 per cent of clubs had reopened by September; the average club is seeing nearly 70 per cent of its members return; and that 10 per cent of operators (mainly based in Japan and Europe) have welcomed back 100 percent of their members.

Many of us will enter 2021 with new perspectives and renewed appreciation for the things we once took for granted. When you reflect on the year that was, I encourage you to focus on the positives – the lessons you learned; the new skills you mastered (or had the opportunity to try); the new ways of interacting; and the appreciation and love you have for the important things and people in your life.

As always, if you need any support, please reach out to your local Business Partnership Manager in Australia or Southeast Asia and/or Instructor Training Consultant or drop us an email via