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Benefits of Les Mills Virtual

Attract new members who value access to motivating exercise at any time they want

Boost attendance and retention by engaging members in highly motivational assisted forms of exercise more often

Provide a low social risk option for members until they build their confidence before attending a live class


What Programs Are Available In The Virtual Format?

This is the original barbell class – a weights class for absolutely everyone. The 30 or 55 minute class gives you a total body workout and will make you toned, lean and fit.

A high energy martial arts-inspired non-contact workout. In the 30 or 55-minute class you’ll learn how to punch, kick and strike your way to superior fitness and strength.

A 30 or 55-minute new yoga class for anyone and everyone. Combining yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates-based movements set to music, it will improve your mind, your body and your life.

In this 30-minute workout you’ll learn how to activate the muscles that create optimal core control, the vital ingredient for a stronger body, while chiseling your waist line.

An insanely addictive dance workout. SH’BAM™ is an ego-free zone, where a fun-loving instructor guides you through simple (yet sassy) dance moves, all set to a party playlist.

This 30 or 45-minute indoor cycling classes is set to the rhythm of motivating music. It burns a lot of calories, gets you fit and leaves you feeling euphoric.

What Do I Need To Get Started?


Create an amazing Virtual experience with a darkened room, a big screen (projector or LED) and a pumping sound system.

A high quality, secure technology platform is needed to deliver LES MILLS™ Virtual classes. Les Mills works with a number of technology partners around the world and can assist in selecting the right one for you.

With leading edge choreography, chart topping music and inspirational instructors, LES MILLS™ Virtual content is world class. Classes are updated quarterly so they’re fresh and there is always a range of new and exciting options.


What Goes In To Les Mills Virtual?



Les Mills Virtual is technology based group exercise played via a projector screen in clubs. It's designed to provide consumers with a group exercise fix at any time of the day as well as help get even more people engaged in group exercise, becoming fitter and getting hooked on the Les Mills experience.

We know that technology within the fitness industry is moving along at pace, and in response to the increasingly busy lives of club members and the need for flexibility, we believe that virtual classes will soon become a regular feature on club timetables. As leaders in group fitness, Les Mills is well positioned to provide a world class virtual product that perfectly complements the live group experience. By providing Les Mills Virtual clubs will soon be able to extend their group fitness schedule into time periods that have traditionally stayed out of reach for group exercise – and as a result, get more to experience the benefits of Les Mills' world leading group exercise.

Definitely not - we are 100% committed to our live classes that are loved by the millions of people who take them around the world every day. Every year we invest millions into developing world class content for our live classes and supporting our 100,000 strong instructor tribe to deliver the very best live group fitness experiences possible. We have no plans to change this.

Because we believe that nothing can replace the real thing. We are committed to live instructors as the ultimate expression of our classes. We know that a recording can’t reach the heights of a live instructor, who can build personal connections and provide one-on-one coaching. Les Mills Virtual provides clubs with a way of running group exercise outside of peak times when instructors aren’t available. This will help get more people into group fitness and along to the live classes – and that’s when they get hooked!

BODYBALANCE, BODYCOMBAT, BODYPUMP, CXWORX, SH’BAM and RPM are currently available in the Les Mills Virtual format. The program releases are updated every three months with new choreography and music to ensure they are fresh, and in line with the latest research. There is also a back catalogue of releases available but the latest release will not be made available in Virtual format only live.

Les Mills Virtual makes it easy to extend your group fitness offering. With Les Mills Virtual you can simply add classes that shoulder your live classes in the morning and evenings, add more classes throughout the day or provide classes at unusual times like the middle of the night. If you’d like more details around how you can best leverage Les Mills Virtual classes, please get in touch.

You can be confident that participants receive proper instruction on safety and technique as each Les Mills Virtual class is based on Masterclass content, and features some additional safety guidelines at the start of the workout. Clubs offering Les Mills Virtual are also provided with a suite of materials that will encourage Les Mills Virtual participants to perfect their technique by mastering the program specific moves.

We’ve been really careful to ensure that Les Mills Virtual classes contain excellent instruction on safety and technique. Clubs delivering Les Mills Virtual are responsible for doing so in a safe environment and are encouraged and supported to provide safety and supervision just as they would to any other gym goers working out on their own terms – ie on the club floor.

We know that an amazing live Les Mills class is an unbeatable experience. Developing Les Mills Virtual is a strategic move designed to strengthen our brand as a leader in group fitness – so we can reach more group fitness newbies, hook them in on the Les Mills experience and ideally inspire them to try a live class. Feedback from our trials has indicated that Les Mills Virtual classes can be a great place to gain confidence and learn the moves before stepping into live classes.

Les Mills instructor content can not be played in clubs, the release content that we distribute to instructors is for instructors only. Clubs that choose to license Les Mills Virtual are provided with content and music that is specifically designed for the virtual experience and have new or extended legal contracts that enable them to play this content via their virtual hardware.

With Les Mills Virtual, clubs must have Les Mills live class/s license for to be able to license in Les Mills Virtual. This does not have to be the same live class as Virtual.

Les Mills Virtual content is delivered through a technology platform and we have a list of preferred technology suppliers that we can recommend based on your needs. If you already have a Virtual technology set up and you’re simply adding LES MILLS™ Virtual to the mix, then it is as easy as ‘pressing play’. Please contact your Account Manager for more information.

We recommend that you have: a darkened room, high quality projector, a big screen (the bigger the better) and a pumping sound system. Please contact your Account Manager for more information

Simply get in touch with us to get Les Mills Virtual set up in your facility.


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