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What is GEL?

GEL (SISSS00113- Group Exercise Leader) is one of the most time efficient and affordable ways to get yourself well on your way to being insurable as a Group Exercise Leader, registered with your registering body and up on stage teaching your favorite Les Mills program.

What will I get out of GEL?


GEL (SISSS00113 - Group Exercise Leader) comprises the following units of competency from SIS30315- Certificate III in Fitness:

  • HLTWHS001 Participate in Work Health and Safety *
  • SISFFIT009 Deliver Pre-choreographed or Prescribed Community Fitness*
  • SISFFIT010 Deliver Pre-choreographed or Prescribed Group Fitness to music*
  • SISXCC001 Provide Quality Service

GEL (SISSS00113 - Group Exercise Leader) is mostly delivered on-line with the units being both multiple choice, open book exam, with some in club tasks required to be completed (*the marked units above require some tasks to be completed in club and evidenced by a Supervisor Reference).

Please note GEL (SISSS00113 - Group Exercise Leader) is not a full SIS30315- Certificate III in Fitness. On successful completion however,if you decide down the track that you want to open up more options in the fitness world, GEL (SISSS00113 - Group Exercise Leader) will allow you to RPL toward a full SIS30315- Certificate III in Fitness.


The Fitness Australia Scope of Practice for a Registered Exercise Professional with the SISSS00113 - Group Exercise Leader (GEL) category is limited to:

A. Pre-exercise screening

B. Safety and risk assessment and management

C. Application of first aid to clients where required

D. Leading pre-designed group exercise sessions inclusive of demonstrating, instructing and monitoring client participation within pre-designed program content parameters