Today’s consumers want their fitness shaped around them – from the pedals up. Optimising your timetable to meet your customer needs can have a profound effect – reinvigorating your offer and giving you the competitive edge.

1. Give people more of what they want

Ensure your timetable provides opportunities for members to participate in a mix of the three main cycling experiences:

2. Add shorter classes

Double capacity at peak times by running 30-minute high intensity classes. These can be a real drawcard for millennials (18 to 34 years old). Shorter classes give members more options to ride, and you get more capacity, which creates more revenue potential.

3. Schedule for your customers – and use virtual workouts

Customers expect immediate satisfaction and want your schedule to adapt to theirs, not the opposite. Research shows that “convenient schedule times” are a major driver of group fitness attendance globally1, and a primary reason for the success of boutique clubs.

On a typical day at a SoulCycle studio, members can choose between five classes before 10.30am. Clubs like this offer 80-100 cycling classes every week.

To compete with that frequency (and not drive up your instructor costs), consider using live workouts with virtual classes in off-peak slots.

Improvements in technology mean the experience and fitness benefits of virtual classes can now be identical to those in a live class. They’re also a magnet for newcomers, providing a taste of what to expect.

Schedule virtual classes as often as you can to maximize studio use. The benchmark for excellence in a multi-activity club is 40 live and 40 virtual cycling workouts.

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