Ride to the rhythm of motivating music

Through a varied journey of hills, flats, mountain, peaks, time trials and sprints.

Low impact cardio that gets your members fit, fast.

Members control their own resistance levels and speed so they can build their training up over time.

RPM Consumer need: Fitness

Class duration: 45 minutes

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) on a bike

Pushes your members harder to achieve ultimate results

A magnet for millennials and members who want time efficient workouts

Sprint Consumer need: Performance

Class duration: 30 minutes

The virtual format of the Live RPM program featuring life-sized projections

Offers your members access to RPM any time your business is open

A low cost solution to triple the size of your timetable

Virtual Consumer need: Convenience

Class duration: 45 minutes

Fully immersive workout experience

Combines a multi-peak cycling workout with a journey through digitally created worlds

The Trip is a completely new cycling experience that uses digital projection on cinema sized screens to create new worlds: climb impossibly steep glaciers, maneuver through boiling lava and cruise through space aged cities

Trip Consumer need: Exertainment

Class duration: 40 minutes